Food Packaging:

Handy and Sensible packaging for the modern living

Your smart choice of products made of recyclable and environmentally friendly paper materials

  Dual Ovenable Paperboard Trays
100% FDA grade Paperboard Food Trays, designed for use in the microwave and conventional ovens. The trays can be heating up to 204°c and freezing down to -40°c. They come with a variety of lids which are ideal for serving and packing for ultimate convenience.


Dual Ovenable Pound Tray
Pound Tray reknowed for its non-stick properties. The tray is ideally suited to semi-prepared food or consumable baking product as food are baked direct in the tray. Also, it is leak proof and grease resistant.


Flat, Satchel or SOS Paper Bag
Paper Bags that are essential to food vendors. They are most suited to deep fried foods and pastries. Simply put in your delicacies and take away in a clean and easy way.


Deliwrapper for the convenience and hygienic food wrapping. This wrapper has the extra properties of resistant to oil, grease, water and moisture. Hence, wrapping food is sure and easy with this value added product.


Cold Cups, Chip Buckets, Flip Top Cups and Plates
These handy and attractive dining products are perfect for the modern serving. The products have rigid structure with a variety of sizes, which can be printed with striking graphics. Besides, they are leak proof and grease resistant, absolutely fit for direct food contact.


PE Laminated Paper Box
Boxes especially fabricated for the convenience of food packing. They are durable, hygienic and presentable for all occasions. This product offers 3 popular sizes which is oil, grease and water resistant.


Shopping Bags
The stock prints paper shopping bags which are contributing to keep our environment clean and green. This product is made of total compostable paper materials, yet it is strong enough for your shopping purposes. Let’s print your message on the bag for mobile publicity.


Hawker Food Wrapping Paper
The hawker preferred brand for food wrapping paper. It is simply clean and durable, oil and water resistant, value for money and all for the needs of hawker’s delicacies.