Industrial Packaging:

  Layer Pad/Pallet Liner
Layer Pad for the purposes of partitioning stacks of goods. We offer two choices of material, which are 450gsm Grey Chipboard or Brown Linerboard. Both the products are custom-made sizes and made of recyclable materials that possess durable property.


Slip Sheet
Slip Sheet resembles the functions of wood pallet which is heavy and costly. It is made from reinforced recycle materials, and features lightweight, cost saving and easy to disposes. This multi-laminated material is tear resistant and moisture resistant, besides being treated against bacteria and fungus. We offer customize sizes according to load needs, as usual, the 950gsm material for cost-efficient and 1,300gsm toughen material which can absorb the maximum loads of 1.5 ton.


Corrugated Cartons
We provide corrugated cartons solutions to a wide range of essential packaging, in the industrial and consumer markets. Impelled by four decades of customer support experiences, we reckon that a benchmark carton is much more than a brand recognition quality that meets the eyes, but comes in unison with excellent service at competitive prices. Besides, we are always proactive in meeting the ever-changing needs of packaging world.


Multiwall Paper Bags
We make quality multiwall paper bags derived from 100% long fibre sack kraft. The bags are light and strong, provide great protection and are highly recyclable. They have advantageous in preserve freshness, resist moisture, reduce infestation, lock in odors and easy storage. The paper surface provides brilliant printing that projects your brand images well. Our bags can be gusseted for extra strength and are offered in a variety of styles, giving you a cost-effective package.


PE Laminated Paper For Industrial Application
This product is catered for a variety of wrapping and packing purposes. It comes with slitted reel or sheet form and may also be cut to size. We offer roll to roll printing service which is ideal for promoting product and brand image. The paper quality includes oil, grease, water and moisture resistant.